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  范文:water shortage 命题英语作文 With the development of modern industry and the growth of population water shortage has become a growing concern for Chinese government and people. Several factors contribute to this problem. On the one hand water supplies are being consumed by a growing number of heavy industries as well as the growing population. On the other hand many rivers and lakes have been polluted. What’s more the well-developed root system of trees can keep the water from diffusing into the earth but deforestation at the upper reaches of rivers has made the situations worse. To solve the problem several measures can be taken. First we must economize the use of water resources and practice a recycling policy. Second stricter laws and regulations should be implemented to protect the limited water resources we have. Finally more diversion projects should also be used so as to direct the surplus water resources in the Southern Chine to the under-supplied regions. In a word stronger measures can and should be taken to protect the water resources we have now. To sum up water shortage is already serious in China these days. It is high time for us to do something to prevent it from being worse. Therefore if everyone takes action to save water the situation will be better. 跟着摩登工业的生长和人丁的拉长水资源欠缺曾经成为一个日益拉长的对中国政府和公民的眷注。 有几个要素导致了这个题目。一方面水资源正在被越来越多的重工业以及继续拉长的人丁。另一方面很多河道和湖泊被污染。更要紧的是昌隆的根系的树木能够制止水扩散到地球但在河道上游的丛林砍伐使景况变得更糟。 为清楚决这个题目能够采用几个设施。第一咱们必需节俭水资源的行使和接管的计谋实验。第二应当实行矫正经的司法律例来偏护咱们有限的水资源。结果更多的文娱项目也应以直接行使多余的水资源供应亏损的中国南部区域。一句话更能够并且应当采用设施偏护水资源咱们今朝。 总之这些天在中国水资源欠缺曾经紧张。是光阴让咱们做些事件来反对它恶化。以是假如每个体都采用行径节俭用水景况会更好。 作文:水资源缺乏题目的英语作文Water Shortage People can’t imagine life without water. Without it, the earth we live on would be a dead one. There would be no trees, no crops, no animals and no people. So water is considered to be next to oxygen in importance. Although nearly three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water, it is sea water and undrinkable. The demand for water is increasing, while water resources are scarce. Agricultural production needs enormous amounts of water, so does industry. Besides,the rapid growth of population makes it more and more difficult for people to survive because of the water shortage. So water shortage has become one of the most serious problems. Fortunately, people have realized this pressing problem and are trying to find ways to salve it. First, people are urged to economize on water. Second, measures are taken to protect water resources. Third, circulating water is used for industrial purposes over and over in factories and treated sewage water is used for irrigation in farming land. 人们无法遐想没有水的存在。没有它,咱们存在在地球将会是一个死一个。就没有树木,没有庄稼,没有动物,没有人。以是水被以为是氧气的要紧性。 固然近四分之三的地球皮相遮盖着水,海水是不肯饮用的。对水的需求继续减少,水资源稀缺。农业分娩须要豪爽的水,那么财产。其余,人丁的迅疾拉长使得人们越来越难糊口,由于缺水。是以缺水曾经成为最紧张的题目之一。 幸运的是,人们曾经认识到这个火急的题目,并试图找到方式来缓解它。第一,人们号令节俭用水。第二,采用各项设施,偏护水资源。第三,轮回水用于工业用处,在工场和执掌过的污水用于灌溉的农业土地。 作文:英语作文water shortage in china As we all know water is very important in our life. We cant imagine life without water. But now lots of rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Clean water is less and less. The problem of water shortage is becoming more and more serious. We should take some actions to solve this problem. First government should make laws to prevent factories from pouring waste water into rivers or lakes. Second we should take a shower instead of taking a bath. Finally we shouldnt leave the tap running when we are brushing our teeth. If we dont save water the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us. 咱们都大白水好坏常要紧的在咱们的存在中。咱们无法遐想没有水的存在。然而今朝很多河道和湖泊受到紧张污染。清洁的水越来越少。缺水的题目越来越紧张。 咱们应当采用少少行径来处理这个题目。第一政府应当订定司法来反对工场把废水倒在河道或湖泊。其次咱们应当淋浴而不是泡澡。结果咱们不该当分开水龙头当咱们刷牙。假如咱们不节俭用水结果一滴水将是咱们的泪珠。 作文:水资源欠缺Water Shortage No one can have failed to notice the fact that water shortage is a grave problem with which the whole world is confronted. Actually it has become so widespread that it has severely affected peoples daily life and hindered the development of the global economy. 没有人能够没有提神到这个究竟,水资源欠缺是一个紧张的题目,扫数寰宇都在正面对这个题目。究竟上,它曾经变得很遍及,紧张影响到人们的平居存在,障碍了环球经济的生长。 A number of factors could account for the problem but the following might be the critical ones. First with the development of agriculture and industry an increasing amount of water is needed. Secondly the ever-increasing population is another leading cause of water shortage. Besides the global tendency of warming up also contributes to the problem. Whats worse pollution and waste of fresh water aggravate the situation. 变成这个题目有许多的要素,但下面的或者是要害的。第一,跟着工农业的生长,须要越来越多的水。其次,继续减少的人丁是另一个导致水资源欠缺的道理。其余,环球变暖也有助于惹起这个题目。更倒霉的是,污染和滥用的淡水使事态特别恶化。 In view of the seriousness of the problem effective measures must be taken before things get worse. First it is essential that laws and regulations be worked out and enforced to protect water resources. Secondly people should enhance their awareness of saving water. With these measures taken it is reasonable for us to expect a brighter future. 研讨到题目的紧张性,在事态进一步恶化之前必需采用有用的设施。第一,制定司法律例的制定和实行来偏护水资源是必需的。其次,人们应当加强节水认识。通过采用这些设施,咱们有起因守候一个更美丽的改日。